We offer four different types of auctions:

  • Dynamic auctions

These make up the majority of the auctions at adesa.eu. The process for a dynamic auction is very simple: the auction is set up for a specific amount of time. Buyers can see what the current highest bid is at any moment. Bidding is closed when the auction ends.

  • Target auctions

Target auctions are similar to dynamic auctions, but with one important difference: a reserve price is defined in advance. This is listed near the current price. If the reserve price is reached during the auction, the highest bidder is guaranteed the sale.

  • Buy Now auctions

In a Buy Now auction, buyers can reserve a car immediately by bidding the Buy Now price. It’s also possible to place a bid for less than the Buy Now price, however in that case, the seller has the right to accept or refuse the offer. For ‘Buy Now and Pick up’ auctions, the basic process is the same, but the car is ready to be picked up as soon as the auction is finished.

  • Blind auctions

A blind auction offers a particular advantage: buyers do not see each other’s bids. Each buyer is only able to see if they are currently the highest bidder or not.