OPENLANE’s online auctions: a unique solution for selling cars

Wondering what makes OPENLANE different from the rest? Our entire business is set up to serve you. That’s why we’re completely transparent in everything we do. We want to be the reason you go home smiling at the end of the day. And we do that by being the reliable car-sales partner you’ve been dreaming of. Team up with us and your days of difficult sales are over. In less than a week, you’ll be happily counting your cash and wondering how you ever got by without us.

As a OPENLANE brand, we have access to the entire OPENLANE platform. This provides us with exclusive insights that aren’t available anywhere else, including industry-leading data analytics, and cutting-edge technology.

We list your vehicles free of charge

Adding your vehicle to OPENLANE’s unique online car auction platform doesn’t cost you a thing. One of our fundamental principles is: no sale, no fees. If you don’t receive an offer you’re happy with, you’re not obligated to sell, and we won’t charge you at all.

We bring you the best market prices

Our network of trusted buyers is huge. Like, we’re talking seriously big. We have over 120,000 registered buyers scattered across more than 50 countries. This means the vehicles you’re selling are seen by more people than is possible in any other sales format. Can you imagine attending an in-person auction with 120,000 people? It would never work. But thanks to our unique, online car auction platform, you experience the benefits of massive exposure without even leaving your desk. And the more interested buyers who bid on your cars, the bigger the profits that end up in your bank account.

We handle the administration

Paperwork is the worst. Who has time for it? We do. It’s actually one of our specialties. When you partner with us, we fill out all the forms. Even that complicated export paperwork is easy for our experts. We handle all the logistics of your sales, from collecting and delivering vehicles to making sure every cross-border requirement is carried out correctly.

We make communication easy

You only deal with one contact at OPENLANE. They get to know you, your business, and the best ways to optimise your selling experience. And they speak your native tongue, so you’re never lost in translation.

We work quickly

No time to waste? Then we’ll keep this quick. Just like our sales. Just like your payments. At OPENLANE, efficiency is a huge priority. We turn your cars around quickly, so you have them off your lot in the blink of an eye.

We bear all the risks

Car sales can be a minefield of complications. But with OPENLANE, you don’t have to worry about any of them. You sell your vehicles to us. We’re your trustworthy go-between, so any problems that arise are ours to sort out. You never have to worry about being ripped off, never have to interact with buyers, and never have to sell for prices you’re not happy with. There’s no commitment to sell, no risk, and nothing to lose.

Ready to reap the rewards?

Get in touch with us to arrange your complimentary consultation. You’ll chat with one of our experts about what you want to achieve, and they’ll help you draw up a plan to make it happen. We have decades of experience and we’ll let you in on the best tips and tricks for optimising car sales. It’s all completely obligation free. If you don’t like the solutions we offer, you don’t have to say yes to a thing.
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