Buy and sell with ease

Buy and sell vehicles with ease through OPENLANE’s online car auction platform.
Benefit from our one-stop-shop solution to buy from trusted dealers across Europe.
Take advantage of our fully integrated solution to sell vehices at the best market price.

Your advantages in a nutshell


Effortless deal-making

OPENLANE’s integrated digital solutions make deal-making simple and efficient from start to finish.

One party to deal with

Buying and selling vehicles with OPENLANE is as easy as it gets, with access to all services a dealer could need, from one unified platform.

You’re in charge

Choose how you want to buy or sell. Go for full autonomy or just peace of mind and let OPENLANE help you. You’re in the driver’s seat...

More advantages:

+120,000 dealers across the EU to buy and sell    Personal support in your own language 

One platform with dealer solutions from A-to-Z


How does it work?



Get one access to all your preferred dealers to buy from. Or, get access to the fully integrated solution to sell your vehicles with ease.



Bid on vehicles from car dealers across Europe, or within communities you are part of. Sell vehicles across every European border or in your own closed community, with or without the help from OPENLANE.



Benefit from services such as transportation, export assistance, and guaranteed fast payments by OPENLANE after selling.


Trading with us is 100% risk-free

Your peace of mind matters to us.

  • Free of charge: Whether you’re buying or sellling, no sale means no fee
  • One access to an extensive dealer network
  • Flexible buying and selling process

What other dealers say

OPENLANE Sell your cars

OPENLANE: the go-to partner for your dealer business

Ready to elevate your commercial success as a car dealer? Partner up with OPENLANE and we will take care of you. Whether you are buying or selling, we offer one secure platform with trading solutions from A-to-Z. With the help of our longstanding international expertise, we will support you every step of the way.  

Want to try it for yourself?

OPENLANE offers solutions for all types of dealers. Do you want to know more on what OPENLANE has to offer? Get a free trial and simplify your car business in Europe or the UK, with OPENLANE.