What sellers are saying about OPENLANE.

There are many reasons why our sellers love to work with us. Don’t just take our word for it.
Here’s a glimpse of the many stories sellers wanted to share with us about what they do and how OPENLANE helped them along the way.

Snijders & Van Dijk Auto’s
Alberts W.

“OPENLANE takes care of all the paperwork associated with export. This makes selling internationally just as easy as nationally. Since our collaboration with OPENLANE, we can present great results every year.”


“OPENLANE has been our remarketing partner for over a year now, and we are delighted by how our partnership has developed as webuyurcar.co.uk has grown. OPENLANE’s hub locations across the UK mainland have supported the fast geographic expansion of our operations, safe in the knowledge that we’ll…
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International non-profit organisation

“The cooperation with OPENLANE is going very well and smoothly. For us, OPENLANE is the most reliable partner for the sale of our used vehicles.”

German candy manufacturer

“The pleasant thing about working with OPENLANE is the friendly and pleasant contact and the smooth handling. We don’t have to worry about transporting the sold cars. OPENLANE takes care of that. They send a transport company to collect the vehicles.”

Kga Motors
George D.

“I owe 90 percent of my sales to this cooperation. OPENLANE is a partner I couldn’t live without. I see the number of cars sold through OPENLANE increasing every year. So my partnership ensures that my business continues to grow. There are no complex procedures or rules.”

Mariani luca
Sole shareholder mariani automotive srl

8 years of activity in the automotive remarketing sector; “I appreciate the speed and the international scope of the sales tool, which allows greater speed and precision and a wide audience to propose the stock to.”

Martin Walsdorff
Managing Director PEWE GmbH

“We have been working with OPENLANE for about 12 years now, and for us that is where their strength lies: they streamline and simplify our sales. Thanks to OPENLANE, we are experiencing an annual sales increase of 10 to 15 per cent.”

Philipp Hurt
Head of Fleet MediaMarkt Saturn Deutschland

With OPENLANE Germany, we have a trustfully and strong partner that shines with competent employees and fast processing. This allows us to realize our vehicle sales faster and better.

Daniel Nibler
Car salesman Nibler Kfz Handel

„We became aware of OPENLANE (former COTW) in 2013 and have been a loyal customer since then. The sales process is very well structured and always adapted to the current market situation. Processing is easy, the communication is transparent and the payments are made quickly. We would…
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Y. Kalmykov
Business Manager Iq Company Belgium

“I was able to sell my cars faster on adesa.eu than through other online platforms. So from now on,  I will be offering my vehicles more often via OPENLANE!” 


“Working with OPENLANE gives us a huge advantage in time and work to be able to offer our cars to as many different customers as possible, simultaneously, across Europe in auctions that are even open on weekends. After the sale, we have one single point of contact for the handling, payment…
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Arval Belgium

“We really appreciate OPENLANE’s professionalism. Agreements are consistently adhered to, and we never encounter surprises. If something does not go quite as planned, OPENLANE is always willing to come up with a constructive solution. That makes OPENLANE a particularly valued partner for Arval.” 

Erminio Alberti
Car Server

“With OPENLANE I’m sure to sell my cars within 4 days. They manage every negotiation in full autonomy and with the utmost clarity. It’s all very fast and functional. “

Jan Möllers
Remarketing manager at Athlon

“My department is responsible for the sale of ex-lease cars. These amount to thousands of vehicles per year. To steer this outflow in the right direction, we work with other partners. OPENLANE stands for quick, professional and reliable services, which is a must for a business as…
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Eric Lavoine

‘OPENLANE has ensured I don’t lose time selling vehicles. They look after everything … At our request, they even remove the stickers from our vehicles! It saves even more precious time.’

Juliano Berti
Fleet manager, COLAS Belgium

‘No cowboy nonsense; OPENLANE does everything officially and professionally—a must for us. The company respects the agreements it makes and offers excellent turnaround times.’

Christophe Dockx
Fleet Supervisor, BESIX

‘The online auctions are easy to use, which saves us time and excessive paperwork. Another advantage is that the international buyer network makes it easy to find a customer prepared to pay the best possible price.’

Jelle De Ketelbutter
Fleet manager, The Facility Services Agency

‘Selling cars is not one of our core tasks. It’s only logical that we’d rather outsource. In OPENLANE, we found a partner that lives up to its promise to be flexible and take every concern out of our hands.’

Chris Van der Wal
Van der Wal and Sons

‘Our partnership with OPENLANE is a win-win situation. We don’t have to worry about developing an international market, and OPENLANE can expand its catalogue with Dutch cars.’

Giampaolo Mangoni
Sales Director Used Cars, Mercedes Rossi

‘OPENLANE is a fast and efficient portal that offers good sales potential. The auctions are concluded in no time and no fee is paid on unsold cars. This is why I’m happy to recommend it to my colleagues too.’

Alessandro Allegrucci
BMW Rome

‘They think of everything, from the first appraisals to picking up the cars. The staff is always attentive to every detail and able to handle any administrative practice. OPENLANE is also the only company that has ever sent me a complete sales report with excellent graphics.’