Scam Precaution

Protect yourself from scams.

Your safety matters. OPENLANE prioritizes security against scams targeting you. Stay ahead of phishing attempts and protect your data.

[March 21, 2024]


Recognizing phishing attempts: don’t be a victim

Exercise caution, as scammers are not only falsifying OPENLANE phone numbers, social media profiles, and websites, but they’re also mimicking OPENLANE’s authorized email addresses as part of phishing attempts to compromise customer data and gain unauthorized access to bank accounts and credit cards.


Here are some crucial points to remember when identifying a potential scam:

    • Check the sender’s email address: Scammers often use addresses that may look similar to ours but are not genuine. Ensure that the sender’s email address matches our official domain: Be cautious of any variations or masked addresses!

    • Avoid clicking suspicious links: Authentic OPENLANE emails will never ask you to click on links to provide personal information. Be cautious of any email requesting you to click a link, especially for data updates, payments, or account verification.
    • Be careful of malicious websites: Official OPENLANE websites are registered under and domain.
      Example of a malicious website address:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;..
    • Verify invoice details: Authentic OPENLANE invoices will always have accurate and specific details related to your transactions. Check the content of the invoice to identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies.
    • Question unexpected invoices: If you receive an invoice that you weren’t anticipating or if it appears out of context, don’t rush into making any payments. Reach out to our Customer Service using the official contact information to confirm the legitimacy of the invoice.
    • Guard your personal data: OPENLANE will never ask you to share personal or sensitive information through email, social media, or chat. Avoid providing details like card numbers, PIN codes, CVV/CVC, and passwords through these channels.
    • Stay informed about legitimate contact addresses: OPENLANE’s official communication will only come from addresses ending in Be aware of any communication originating from other domains.
    • Verify unusual requests: If you receive an email that seems out of the ordinary, especially if it involves making payments, verify its authenticity by contacting our Customer Service using the official contact details.


Remember, staying informed and vigilant is the key to safeguarding your personal and financial information. We encourage you to keep these guidelines in mind and report any suspicious activity contact us immediately. Our Customer Service team is always ready to assist you and provide guidance.

Thank you for being a valued member of the OPENLANE community. Together, we can stand against scams and ensure a secure online environment for all.