What is the value of trade-in or stock cars in Europe?

What is a particular car worth? It is one of the most difficult questions in the remarketing world and simultaneously the most important one. After all, the answer determines your profit margin as a dealer. Therefore, it is best not to take the question too lightly.

There are many factors that determine the price of a trade-in or stock car, but the most important is the market you are entering. Selling locally ensures that you know the market with all its expectations, might find a buyer quickly – which ensures a quick turnaround time – and can spend less time or money on exports. On the other hand, you are unlikely to get the best price for a car if you only try to sell to the proverbial man in the street.

Prices for the same car can vary enormously within Europe. In Romania, VW cars are sold by used dealers at an average of 10% cheaper, while in Portugal the price is 13% higher. So look, compare and act with knowledge is the message.


Why you should target the used car market as a dealer

As a dealer, knowing where to position your car is also an important quality. Today, the price of used cars is high due to the decreasing availability of new cars influenced by chip shortages – increasing the demand for recent used cars. In other words, targeting the used car market as a car dealer is a good tactic. But that does not mean that the B2B and B2C markets are evolving in the same way. Looking at the Belgian market, 18.7% of individuals buy an electrified car (hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric) – mostly the cheaper self-charging hybrid.


Towards a guaranteed price

Fluctuating electricity and gas prices dominate the news, but car prices are also changing rapidly. To avoid that, OPENLANE Europe offers a guaranteed sale price for your trade-in or stock cars in a number of countries, so you don’t have to bear the risk. This way, you sell your vehicles quickly and without any worries.


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Mr. Chris Van der Wal, director of the Van der Wal company says: “OPENLANE is a professional sales platform with excellent service and local guidance. Their extensive European network increases our sales opportunities considerably.”

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