Say hello to OPENLANE!

Car remarketing made easy!

We are thrilled to announce that ADESA is now OPENLANE!
The new brand fits our vision to build the world’s greatest digital marketplaces for used vehicles and our purpose to make car wholesale easy so you can be more successful. We’re advancing this vision and purpose by bringing together all our buyers, sellers, and vehicles under in the UK.

OPENLANE stands for a fundamental change! More than ever we’re committed to making car remarketing easy for you. And with the launch of OPENLANE UK, easy just got easier.

OPENLANE UK is a subsidiary of OPENLANE Inc., a US-based, listed company (NYSE, KAR) that provides customers around the globe with innovative, technology-driven remarketing solutions and related services. Together, we are dedicated to making car remarketing – which is complex and risky – a seamless and successful experience.

Here are seven ways in which the marketplace just got easier for you:


Peace of mind and compliancy

OPENLANE shoulders the risk in every sale and ensures rigorous adherence to all relevant regulations, including VAT regulations, GDPR compliance, and security regulations. This commitment guarantees you peace of mind and instills confidence in every transaction.

Openlane lock


Market competitive sales prices

OPENLANE creates a competitive environment across the UK and Europe that stimulates higher bids and ensures that you sell your cars in the right markets at the right prices. Through our marketplace you can achieve market-aligned, competitive sales prices.

OPENLANE consumer market price icon


Lightning-fast payment

OPENLANE ensures swift and efficient payment and transfer of ownership, ensuring you a seamless selling experience.

Openlane bank icon


Effortless integration

OPENLANE provides vehicle and auction data integration through a user-friendly interface, simplifying and optimising your remarketing journey.

Openlane App


Effective co-listing capabilities

We offer effective co-listing capabilities through API connections, allowing you to simultaneously list your vehicles on the OPENLANE marketplace as well as on your own website or other third-party websites. This eliminates the risk of double sales and allows you to manage your listings effectively across different platforms.

Openlane Platforms


Comprehensive vehicle reporting

OPENLANE equips you with comprehensive vehicle reporting and management tools, enabling you to stay on top of your inventory and make informed decisions.

OPENLANE digital copy icon


Increased success management

OPENLANE offers guidance every step of the way. From pricing strategies to sales success management, our platform and team provides invaluable insights to help you optimize your remarketing outcomes.

We are thrilled to present OPENLANE as the new name and face of our company in the UK, embodying our commitment to making car remarketing easy for you.

Thank you for your continued trust and support as we embark on this exciting new journey together. We look forward to serving you on the marketplace.
Please let us know how we can help you with any inquiries you may have regarding our new brand. Feel free to reach out to your trusted account manager.