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2 December, 2022 – OPENLANE Europe is more than just an online auction platform for car traders – it’s also a great workplace. “We employ more than 250 people across our branches in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands”, says Claudia Ruzzi, HR director at OPENLANE Europe. “And we want them to succeed, both in the workplace and in their personal lives. We believe happy lives are balanced lives. That’s why we’re keenly focused on employee engagement and job satisfaction.”

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A recent survey conducted by a third party revealed OPENLANE is performing well in the area of employee satisfaction. The company’s employees are happy with the challenges and rewards of their jobs, and they enjoy the family feeling of OPENLANE’s people-oriented workplace culture. The majority intend to stay with OPENLANE for the long run – and there are plans to make those years even more rewarding.

A high percentage of employees responded as being ‘satisfied to very satisfied’ in key categories of the survey. With a staggering 91%, motivational levels and performance feedback score the highest. Employees are also highly satisfied with the company’s management and leadership, which gets a satisfaction scored of 88%. At an almost equal level of satisfaction is the co-operation with colleagues and clients. The level of well-being is rated at a very nice 85%, which shows OPENLANE is a great place to thrive at work!

The employee feedback will be used to prioritise work items in 2023. “To help our employees excel, we will invest in more training, personal development and 1-1 coaching next year”, Claudia says. “We will also have more internal career development opportunities in the works”.

There’s always a lot to do at OPENLANE. In 2021, the company ran more than 65,000 auctions a month and sold more than 74,000 cars in the year. The team serves a network of more than 100,000 clients based in over 50 countries. “Our hard-working employees are capable, motivated and determined. And we’re committed to doing everything we can to ensure they’re happy and healthy at work and at home”, Claudia concludes.

About OPENLANE Europe

OPENLANE Europe NV, based in Belgium, is a business unit of global vehicle remarketing and technology solutions provider KAR Global (NYSE: KAR). With sales operations in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, OPENLANE Europe seamlessly connects OEMs, fleet owners, wholesalers and dealers with buyers in more than 50 countries across Europe through its robust online wholesale vehicle auction marketplace,

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KAR Auction Services, Inc. d/b/a KAR Global (NYSE: KAR), provides sellers and buyers across the global wholesale used vehicle industry with innovative, technology-driven remarketing solutions. KAR Global’s unique end-to-end platform supports whole car, financing, logistics and other ancillary and related services. Our integrated physical, online and mobile marketplaces reduce risk, improve transparency and streamline transactions for customers in about 75 countries. Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, KAR Global has employees across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Europe and the Philippines. For more information and the latest KAR Global news, go to and follow us on Twitter @KARspeaks.