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20 April 2022 – From now on, GWListe will be known as OPENLANE GWListe: the online marketplace for car dealers in Germany. This new brand name is designed to strengthen the presence of the OPENLANE brand in the German market. OPENLANE is an auction platform for the car trade in Europe. It’s part of KAR Global, a leading global platform for end-to-end solutions for the automotive wholesale industry.


OPENLANE sells end-of-contract leasing vehicles, commercial vehicles, and stock cars from leasing companies, car traders, fleet owners and car rental companies to professional car dealers in Europe, with most cars sold to Central and Eastern Europe.

By rebranding to OPENLANE GWListe, the online marketplace is able to offer even more buying and selling opportunities. Customers benefit from a well-established local German dealer network, as well as an extensive international dealer network. This optimises sales opportunities and maximises profits.

The shared know-how and resources at OPENLANE GWListe will help dealers improve and expand their business with innovative online tools, such as the renamed dealer app GWListe Inspect.

In addition, OPENLANE GWListe is putting its full focus on dealer-to-dealer business, so customers will enjoy even better service, with safe transactions guaranteed.

The freshly named and updated OPENLANE GWListe marketplace is now accessible at

Aside from that, OPENLANE GWListe will continue to act as a trustworthy partner for buyers and sellers. There’s still only one company to deal with, one way of working, and one pricing model. Customers will continue to benefit from its extensive expertise in local and cross-border sales. Highly skilled inspectors will keep performing conscientious and independent on-site inspections of vehicles. And customer service will remain personalised, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


OPENLANE GWListe is the online marketplace for car dealers in Germany. Founded in 2006 and with a growing number of 30 employees, the company acts as a trustful partner between professional buyers and sellers of used cars. With OPENLANE, an auction platform for the car trade in Europe and part of KAR Global, a leading global operator of digital marketplaces for wholesale used vehicles, OPENLANE GWListe can offer a local and international dealer network and a growing number of high-quality secondhand vehicles.

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KAR Auction Services, Inc. d/b/a KAR Global (NYSE: KAR), provides sellers and buyers across the global wholesale used vehicle industry with innovative, technology-driven remarketing solutions. KAR Global’s unique end-to-end platform supports whole car, financing, logistics and other ancillary and related services, including the sale of nearly 2.6 million units valued at over $40 billion through our auctions in 2021. Our integrated physical, online and mobile marketplaces reduce risk, improve transparency and streamline transactions for customers in about 75 countries. Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, KAR Global has employees across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Europe and the Philippines. For more information and the latest KAR Global news, go to and follow us on Twitter @KARspeaks.