Looking for the website? You might not recognise it. We are updating our home page at OPENLANE. The reason? We think you deserve a better version. One that is relevant to your specific interests and needs. And as helpful as possible. It’s time for a change!

You’re new to OPENLANE

New to OPENLANE? Or maybe you’re an existing client but you’re not logged in … You’ll see a different version of the home page that better responds to your needs. You’ll have quick access to the real action: the cars being auctioned. You’ll also see must-know information to help you familiarise yourself with OPENLANE, how we work and how to register. You’ll also see personalised info relevant to the country you’re visiting our website from.

New home page

You’re a loyal customer

A more personalised and better targeted version of the home page will appear when you log in. The main focus is giving you access to the cars, the auctions and the excitement. But we wanted to make life easier for you. As such, you’ll see a highly personalised offer based on your profile and recent activity. How’s that for convenience?

Searching made easy

Whether you’re new or a long-term customer, there’s no reason you should look far to find a particular car. The new-look Search module is already in place and waiting for you to test-drive it. The user-friendly appearance is just the first change. We are already making the search engine smarter and more usable. Instead of browsing thousands of car pages, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in just a few clicks.

The latest news

At OPENLANE, we want to keep you informed. You’ll see our latest news in the News section on the home page. You’ll also find interesting updates, facts and figures on the car market published here. You’ll need just a few moments to become an expert. And … And this is just the start. You’ll see plenty of evolution, particularly in the next few months. Watch the action unfold: head to OPENLANE now!

Kind regards,

Gino Vleminckx
Chief Commercial Officer