A quick introduction

When you search on the two new options ‘Highest win chance cars’ and ‘Immediately available cars’, you’ll find cars that are more likely to be assigned to you, or that the cars will arrive at your site quicker than before.


Highest win chance cars

‘Highest win chance cars’ helps reduce the risk of not getting the car (by the seller) after having won the auction. Either search on ‘Highest win chance cars’ or bid on a car that’s tagged as a ‘Highest win chance’, make sure you enter a bid that’s close to the seller’s requested sale price and you have the highest chances that you’ll win the car and that the seller will assign it to you.

Immediately available cars

No one likes long waiting on a car to be delivered, right? This is why it’s now possible for you to find ‘Immediately available cars’. These cars are already on our premises at the end of the auction. This means they’re ready to be picked up and transported straight to you as soon as the car is paid.


Both the ‘Highest win chance cars’ and ‘Immediately available cars’ are available as ‘Focus on’ options in the ‘Search’ feature. This means you’re able to look them up and bid on these cars alone. Alternatively, you’re able to find cars as you always would, and use their ‘Highest win chance’ or ‘Immediately available’ status as an extra little incentive to place a bid you might otherwise have been unsure about.

More to come…

This is just the beginning of a new episode within the OPENLANE platform. More attractive options will be launched in the near future. We don’t give you a glimpse yet (hey, we don’t want to spoil the fun ????), just stay tuned!


Do you have any questions so far? Would you like more information? We are more than happy to help you out. Get in touch today. Otherwise? We wish you every success with your bidding!