Here's what to look out for when selling your fleet vehicle

Taking charge of selling your fleet vehicles, there is a lot involved. These tips will get you a long way as a fleet owner!



Where to sell

The first question you need to answer is local or international? After all, where are you going to get the best price for your particular fleet? The UK is traditionally the country where the most convertibles are sold and in Belgium the break is doing better than in other European countries. SUVs are popular in all markets, but especially in Scandinavia, as people specifically want four-wheel-drive models. Finally, the EV market is a lot more mature in Norway and the Netherlands than in some Eastern European countries, where the minimal amount of charging stations also ensures minimal interest from locals. This is not always the case as seen with Hungary; an exception.


Consider the repair costs

On the other hand, repair costs in Eastern Europe are a lot cheaper, so it might be more interesting to sell a car with minor damage internationally than to have it repaired in a Western European country. Know that through OPENLANE you are part of an international buyers’ network, and you can always tap into the right market to get the best price for your used fleet.


When to sell

Sell your cars at the right time. The car trade is becoming increasingly professional, and buyers are increasingly aware of the scheduled maintenance intervals and lifespan of certain parts. Definitely keep this in mind when selling your fleet vehicles. In this case, you have two options: either well in advance of the repair so that the price is affected as little as possible, or some time after to “write off” the repair.

For example, it is best to sell a car with an automatic transmission before the 200,000-kilometre milestone. Finally, for electric cars, it’s best to take into account your battery warranty (usually eight years and 160,000 to 200,000 kilometres).


How much time do I put into sales?

In many companies, fleet management is added as an extra duty for employees. So, we imagine that you want to spend as little time as possible selling your cars. Nevertheless, this activity should not be underestimated, as it can save you a lot of trouble afterwards. In other words, make sure you provide proper details of the cars, with a description and photos of all possible damages. This will give less chance of problems afterwards. One tip: those who sell through OPENLANE can use the OPENLANE Inspect app for iOS and Android or have OPENLANE inspect the car avoiding unpleasant surprises for both buyer and seller!

Of course, organising the paperwork also takes time: the necessary documents for the sale, transport and so on. Don’t fancy all that paperwork? When you sell a car at auction with OPENLANE, you don’t need to worry about logistics and administration. You reach buyers all over Europe and OPENLANE handles all export details for international sales. OPENLANE picks up the car, wherever you are, and delivers it to the buyer, wherever they are. You do not have to deal with pesky rules and regulations.

As for the “creditworthiness” of buyers for your fleet vehicles, OPENLANE’s platform also offers advantages. After all, you can ask for an advance payment or a bank guarantee yourself, but in practice that cumbersome procedure is hardly ever applied. And estimating buyers is rather difficult from a distance when making an internet purchase. Working through a platform like OPENLANE removes these worries. After accepting OPENLANE’s bids, you can receive payment within two working days and the sale is closed.



There are a lot of different ways to sell your fleet vehicle: from local to international, online to off-the-shelf, with or without the help of an “intermediary”. All options obviously have their advantages and disadvantages. Which do you prefer?


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