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Dear buyer,

No one likes delays. Especially when they’re unnecessary. And we believe there were unnecessary delays for new customers who wanted to find cars at OPENLANE. Before a new customer could start bidding, they had to validate a number of different elements:

1. Email address;
2. VAT number;
3. Identity card;
4. Company documents;
5. Status as a professional car trader.

We used these documents to protect sellers and other buyers. And we intend to keep doing that. The problem? Validating five different sets of documents takes time.

We decided to change our approach. How? Let’s say you’re a potential customer who wants to register with OPENLANE. The first thing you do now is send us your email address and VAT number. We check these using the same up-to-date systems you’ve become used to on countless other websites and platforms. You’re registered as a new buyer in next to no time. You’re also free to start looking at different cars and to place bids.

Time to bid

What happens if your bid wins? It’s time for us to verify your identity. A check of your identity card at this point in the process doesn’t result in any delays because it takes place at the same time as other necessary steps are being taken by the seller. Once the check is complete – maximum one working day after uploading – you can continue placing bids.

A five-time winner

Before you know it, you’ve clocked up five auction wins. This means it’s time for you to provide your company documents. We’ll also use these to verify your status as a professional car trader. Which means that you’re now just as validated as you would have been with the old registration process. The only difference? You’ve already won five auctions, learnt to use the OPENLANE platform and know all the options inside out. And you’ve done all this without any delays!

What about the future?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the new registration process. I’ll get back to you before you know it. Would like to know about which innovations we have planned for the future? I’ll let you know all about them in my next post.

Kind regards and happy bidding!


Gino Vleminckx



Chief Commercial Officer