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Dear Buyer, 

What do you do after you win a car at auction? Start juggling your credit cards? Or slashing prices to make a quick sale on the cars already at your dealership? Maybe you look under the couch cushions for a bit of extra cash … But there’s no longer any need to; start using Fin! 

Fin is an new service that allows you to earn extra profit and increase your sales volume without using your money.  

Fin Powered by OPENLANE

What does this mean for you?

The trick is to concentrate on vehicles you can sell in 60 days, be fast! 
Don’t use Fin for prestigious cars which are hard to sell. Use Fin for fast selling vehicles and earn the extra profit. Concentrate on volume, rather than on high margins. 

When does the clock start ticking?

Fin Flow

Fin with regular transport or the Optimo service

Fin may remind you of Optimo Fin. With good reason. Fin allows you to delay payment for up to 60 days from the moment your car is delivered or ready for pick-up. But as of today, Fin has only ever been available together with Optimo.  We take Fin a step further. You have the choice of using Fin either with Optimo or with our regular transport service.  Just select Fin when you confirm your order and arrange transport.  

As easy as could be

How do you register? What extra forms do you need to fill out? How do we make it needlessly complicated? There’s none of that. In fact, the OPENLANE platform will automatically make Fin an option for you if: 

• You’ve been registered with OPENLANE for at least 12 months;
• Your company has bought at least 4 vehicles since registration;
• You’re operating in a country where Fin is available (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Slovenia).

It’s as simple as that.  

Does Fin cost anything? 

Yes! There is a daily fee involved if you choose Fin. But there’s no need to panic. The fees are based on the price you will eventually pay for your car. The cheaper your purchase, the lower your fees. Take a look at the Fin page if you would like to know more about these costs. Otherwise, the system will tell you all you need to know when you select to use Fin. 

Please feel free to contact me or your customer service agent if you have any questions, any problems or want to know more about Fin.  

But that’s not all! This time, we want to hear from you if you sell your Fin car before you’ve even paid for it. We hope to hear from you within 60 days!   

Kind regards, 

Gino Vleminckx 
Chief Commercial Officer