Jean-Paul Teyssen, former CEO of Carglass, is joining the Board of Management of online used car auction company OPENLANE. This appointment is part of the objective of OPENLANE to exceed the threshold of 100,000 vehicles sold.


Faster, easier and hassle-free

OPENLANE (OPENLANE) was established in 2004 and has developed into a European player with 6 branches and 120 employees. The online car auction platform sells approximately 40,000 end-of-contract lease cars and vehicles from car dealers and fleet owners to the professional car trade throughout Europe, and primarily in Central and Eastern Europe.


OPENLANE has developed a new strategy that is intended to increase the volumes to at least 100,000 units sold in the next 5 years. “Our strategy aims to better align the demand of our buyers and the supply from our different sourcing channels and countries, and to increase customer satisfaction by having all transactions proceed faster, easier and hassle-free”, says Johan Meyssen, CEO of OPENLANE.


Jean-Paul Teyssen reinforces the Board of Management

A fresh breeze blew through the Board room of the OPENLANE group late last year. The entry of investment funds Vortex Capital Partners and ABN AMRO Participaties produced three new delegates in the Board of Management. The appointment of Jean-Paul Teyssen on 1 July will now reinforce OPENLANE in the Board room. “Add the seat of founder Steven Lismont to this and you can see that all 5 Board mandates are occupied”, says Meyssen.

Teyssen is the right man in the right place for OPENLANE. He outlined a similar growth strategy at Carglass, where the emphasis was on the optimisation of internal processes and human capital in order to significantly improve customer satisfaction and the accessibility of the services. Moreover, Teyssen is a well-known name in the leasing, fleet and insurance sectors.


Enlargement of the executive committee

There have also been several new appointments to the executive committee. Claudia Ruzzi was appointed HR Manager on 1 March. She will focus mainly on leadership, competence development and supporting the growing number of employees. Pieter Behets is promoted to Chief Business Development Officer (CBO). He will control the various branches, ensuring a consistent approach to auction operations and the exchange of best practices, so that supply and demand are harmonised more effectively. Jan Van Orshoven (COO), Gino Vleminckx (CCO), Wim Deboel (CIO) and Peter Suy will remain at their posts in the executive committee alongside Johan Meyssen (CEO).


A change at OPENLANE in the Netherlands and Belgium.

As of 1 July, Richard Buss will replace Remco Otte as the Country Manager for the Dutch branch. Lars Agten will join OPENLANE in September and will, after a transfer period, replace Pieter Behets as Country Manager for Belgium in early 2018.