When it comes to business growth, the only way is up. And so, OPENLANE is going north. We recently signed a partnership agreement with KED Finland, a leading automotive consulting company in Finland, to enter the Nordic market. We’re excited to announce that KED Finland brings a lot of regional expertise to the table.

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Why the Nordics?

‘The North is an exciting new frontier for OPENLANE. It’s a different region with different tastes. Which takes the benefits beyond just expanding our customer base. We’re also tapping into a fresh market that will serve our existing customers.’
– Mike Arts, Sales and Marketing Director at OPENLANE

We help sellers to move all sorts of vehicles. Since the tastes and requirements for car sales differ from country to country, accessing international markets lets our clients sell vehicles that aren’t in demand in their own countries.

In the Nordics, electric vehicles in particular are more popular than in other regions. And Nordic customers are also very interested in SUVs. By entering this market, we’re not just bringing our northern customers the cars they want, we’re also creating new avenues for international sales and new buyers for our loyal customers down south. Everybody wins.

Partnering with an expert

When venturing to new lands, it helps to have a guide. That’s one reason we’ve joined forces with KED Finland in the Nordic and Baltic regions. They know what Nordic customers need, and they know how to help us give it to them. Their experience and expertise mean they’re perfectly poised to help us navigate this new region, discover new customers, establish a foothold in the Nordics, and increase our northern sales.

As our partnership progresses, they’ll step into the role of OPENLANE’s sales representative in Finland. They’ll look after our Finnish customers, giving our international business a local face and facilitating smooth communication and transactions. They will use the unique OPENLANE platform to serve a new customer base and help the Nordic car trade embrace the digital age.