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Do you suffer from low rotation on your stock cars and trade-ins? As you well know, finding local buyers can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Especially for damaged cars, electric cars, or hybrid vehicles. And even if you find an interested buyer, the price they offer might leave you feeling deflated.

So, what’s a dealer to do? Work with OPENLANE. Our network reaches right across the continent, giving you access to a huge number of international buyers—more buyers means better prices! You have the choice to arrange logistics and paperwork directly with the buyer, or to avoid cross-border complications as a whole and let us handle it all.  Sit back and sell for the best prices in Europe.

OPENLANE Sell your cars

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How will OPENLANE help you?

OPENLANE Sell is the product tailored to every dealership’s needs. Enjoy smooth sales from inspection to final delivery. Inspect the car with our hassle-free app and launch your auction directly from your personal dealer dashboard. No matter what sort of trade-ins you’re selling, from passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) to luxury cars, vans, and even damaged vehicles, the outcome is always in your favour.

The OPENLANE Sell portal allows you to create your own dealer communities to sell to your preferred buyers. Not satisfied with the highest bid? Benefit from OPENLANE’s huge network of 100,000 buyers by offering your vehicle in an open auction.

The benefits of selling with OPENLANE

  • Create standardized vehicle reports using OPENLANE Inspect
    Use our brand-new app to do a quick guided vehicle inspection. Made by and for professional vehicle inspectors, the app is available for iOS and Android.
  • Take control of the entire sales process
    You decide when and where to sell your vehicle. You decide the price. You’re in control.
  • Optimise the time and resources to sell used cars to traders
    Create communities of the buyers you know and trust, and initiate exclusive closed auctions. You no longer need to contact each potential buyer separately to try and sell your car.
  • Do the work once for each car and sell it at the best price as fast as possible
    You only need to create the vehicle description once. You can put it up for auction to your private community, or to the OPENLANE buyer base with a few clicks.
  • Huge buyer network
    You don’t have time to wait around, hoping a local buyer will materialise. With registered buyers all across Europe and simplified international sales, we find you fantastic offers quickly.
  • Assistance in your language
    Our Customer Service team speaks 19 languages, so you’re sure to be served in your native language.

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