Selling cars with ADESA

Our straightforward sales process ensures your cars are off your lot quickly. To kick off your hassle-free car sales, fill out our contact form. One of our sales experts will contact you. They’ll run through our sales process and answer any questions you have. 

To sell your cars at an ADESA auction, all you need to do is to contact your Account Manager. They will work with you to define the optimal auction procedure for your vehicles. If you are looking to arrange your first sale and don’t have a Sales contact yet, simply fill in this contact form. One of our Sales experts will contact you.

We have a wide network of buyers who are interested in vehicles of all makes and models, including:

  • Passenger cars
  • Vans
  • Light trucks
  • Damaged vehicles

ADESA can auction all European vehicles and vehicles approved for sale in the European market, as long as you provide the necessary documents.

  1. Fill in our contact form and a member of our sales team will contact you to arrange all the details.
  2. We’ll send an expert to inspect your vehicle*. They’ll take photos and write a vehicle description and damage report. Or you can supply these yourself, see ‘If I arrange my own inspection, what information do I need to provide?
  3. Your vehicle will be up for auction at within 24 hours.
  4. As soon as the auction closes, we’ll send you the highest bid and you have one day to decide if you want to accept it.
  5. Once you decide to sell, you receive your payment within two working days.

*See table under ‘How are ADESA’s vehicle inspections arranged?’ to find out which inspection services are available in your country.

The way in which your vehicle inspection is carried out depends on the country you’re in. Either we send an expert to inspect your vehicle (one of our own, or we hire an external party), or you arrange your own inspection and send us all the documentation. The inspection service is available as follows:



ADESA own inspection team

ADESA can arrange an external inspection








The Netherlands



When you arrange or conduct your own inspection, you need to provide clear photos of:

  • the vehicle documents, including the certificate of conformity and the immatriculation (registration) certificate;
  • all sides of the car’s exterior;
  • the car’s interior;
  • any damage;
  • the mileage on the odometer;
  • the chassis number.

You also need to send us a list of the car’s included options, such as automatic climate control, cruise control, etc.

All the information you need to provide can be emailed directly to your Sales contact.


Listing your cars for auction with ADESA is completely free! Our policy is no sale, no fees. You are under no obligation to accept an offer that doesn’t meet your expectations.

The starting price for each vehicle is based on its market value or established in collaboration with your personal sales expert. 

Yes, you can. Contact your sales expert for all the details.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You must provide all of the car’s documents for us to be able to arrange a sale, including the certificate of conformity and the immatriculation (registration) certificate.

Auction process

We offer four different types of auctions:

  • Dynamic auctions

These make up the majority of the auctions at The process for a dynamic auction is very simple: the auction is set up for a specific amount of time. Buyers can see what the current highest bid is at any time. Bidding is closed when the auction ends.

  • Target auctions

Target auctions are similar to dynamic auctions, but with one important difference: a reserve price is defined in advance. This is listed near the current price. If the reserve price is reached during the auction, the highest bidder is guaranteed the sale.

  • Buy Now auctions

In a Buy Now auction, buyers can reserve a car immediately by bidding the Buy Now price. It’s also possible to place a bid for less than the Buy Now price, however in that case, the seller has the right to accept or refuse the offer. For ‘Buy Now and Pick up’ auctions, the basic process is the same, but the car is ready to be picked up as soon as the auction is finished.

  • Blind auctions

A blind auction offers a particular advantage: buyers do not see each other’s bids. Each buyer is only able to see if they are currently the highest bidder or not.

Dynamic auctions, Target auctions and Blind auctions are typically open for 48 hours. Buy Now auctions usually only run for 24 hours.

As soon as the auction is closed, we email you the highest bid per vehicle.

No, you are under no obligation to accept an offer you’re not happy with. Moreover, if you decide not to sell, we won’t charge you a thing. No sale, no fees.

Please note: This doesn’t apply to Target and Buy Now auctions. With these auctions, you set the reserve price before the auction begins and are required to sell if it is reached.

You have one working day to decide whether or not to accept a bid. Once you do, the vehicle is sold. We then arrange payment, pick-up and delivery.

You receive your payment within two working days of accepting an offer.

No, you sell directly to ADESA and we sell to the buyer. This way, your payment is guaranteed, and you enjoy an easy administration process. We take care of all VAT requirements and export paperwork.

With ADESA, international sales are as easy as can be. You sell directly to us, and we take care of all the administration and logistics. This comes with certain advantages:

  • You access international buyers without cross-border complications. Because you sell directly to us, you’re only involved in a local sale. The VAT requirements and logistics of delivering the vehicle to the international buyer are all handled by us.
  • You access markets for ‘unsellable’ vehicles. We find buyers for cars that you can’t sell in your own country, for example, heavy diesel cars.

We handle all the logistics for pick-up and delivery. Once you’ve received your payment, we’ll make sure the car is off your lot within three working days*.

*Five working days for ADESA Germany.

More about ADESA

Initially based in Belgium, ADESA Europe has been facilitating online car auctions since December 2004. We operate under the umbrella of our parent company, KAR Global. This means we utilise the full power of the entire KAR Global platform, with access to the latest industry data, analytics and cutting-edge technologies. This is a unique advantage that can’t be found anywhere else in Europe!   

We’ve grown a lot since opening our doors in 2004, in both our volume of sales and profitability. Last year, we’ve sold over 70.000 vehicles. With offices in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, we have a strong customer base of more than 85,000 registered buyers from over 50 countries. More buyers means more competition and higher bids, which is how we bring you the best market prices available.

ADESA Europe’s unique business model sets us apart from other vehicle remarketers. Usually, selling a second-hand vehicle means meeting and negotiating with buyers. At ADESA, whether you’re buying or selling, you only interact with us. We handle everything, from facilitating the auction to delivering the highest bid to the seller. We even take care of all the payments and vehicle deliveries. Selling with us is hassle free and risk free—no sale, no fees.

ADESA Europe is specifically set up to serve the car trade industry. We only sell to professional car dealers, throughout Europe and beyond.

Absolutely! Our sales process is designed to free you from the burdens and hassles of selling cars. What you can expect:

  • Expert advice. We carry out a full vehicle inspection and advise you on the best sales tactics.
  • Risk-free car sales. We take care of VAT and bear all the financial risk, so you don’t have to.
  • No sale, no fees. You receive a price you’re happy with, or we don’t charge you a thing.
  • A partner you can trust. We’re here to serve and support you with all the help you need.
  • Your cars handled with care. We treat you and your vehicles with respect.
  • Hassle-free administration. You sell directly to us, and we handle all the paperwork.
  • Easy exports. We take care of all the export admin, so international sales are as easy as can be.
  • Fast payments. You sell directly to us and receive your payment within two working days of accepting a bid.
  • Speedy vehicle collection. We pick up the vehicle from wherever you are and deliver it to the buyer.

We go the extra mile to make your car-sales experience as smooth as possible. Full remarketing services are available, such as de-stickering, inspection, cleaning, storage, transportation, and more.

To find out how we will meet your specific needs, please contact us.