Say hello to OPENLANE!

Buying used cars made easy!

We are thrilled to announce that ADESA is now OPENLANE!
The new brand fits our vision to build the world’s greatest digital marketplaces for used vehicles and our purpose to make car wholesale easy so you can be more successful. We’re advancing this vision and purpose by bringing together all our buyers, sellers, and vehicles under in Europe.

OPENLANE stands for a fundamental change! More than ever we’re committed to making buying used cars easy for you. And with the launch of OPENLANE Europe, easy just got easier.

OPENLANE Europe is a subsidiary of OPENLANE Inc., a US-based, listed company (NYSE, KAR) that provides customers around the globe with innovative, technology-driven remarketing solutions and related services.

Here are six ways in which the marketplace just got easier for you as a buyer:


Even more cross-border purchase opportunities remains at the forefront of cross-border sales, offering you unparalleled cross-border services and real-time delivery options at transparent fees by connecting a large (17!) and growing number of logistic pick-up locations on the European continent.

Openlane map


More domestic purchase opportunities is offering an increased selection of local vehicles, thanks to a rapidly growing dealer base discovering the power of OPENLANE Sell. With OPENLANE Sell both local and international dealers will be able to sell directly to buyers like you or ask us to take care of everything.
And whenever you’re in need of local inventory, the soon to be released OPENLANE location radius search feature will help you find these vehicles right in your own backyard!

Openlane Sell


More opportunities to find and win the right vehicles

At, you’ll have more chances to win vehicles. How? We’ll run more 24/7 stock sales at fixed buy-now prices and way more exclusive dealer auctions.

In addition, you’ll be able to get privileged access to seller communities!

Finally, we have released a brand-new version of our native OPENLANE app. The app is designed to be more stable and faster, ensuring smooth bidding performance on all devices. In future updates of the app, we will introduce features to manage your purchases and preferences efficiently anytime anywhere and a negotiation feature to negotiate prices directly with the seller.

All of these enhancements mean you have a higher chance of securing the perfect vehicle!

Openlane App


More transparent and secure

We have listened to you and understand transparency is key to building trust. provides enhanced transparency through clear pricing, real-time track and trace options for your vehicles, simplified order and document management, and streamlined claims processes in My account. We want you to feel confident and informed throughout your buying journey.

Openlane lock


More user-friendly

We continuously strive to make our marketplace more user-friendly. presents a range of popular existing features such as advanced vehicle search and filters, bidding advisor, native app, consumer market price, alert options & recommendations, seller scoring, Optimo and Partial payment service, real-time delivery options,… Among the new expected features is the location radius search functionality. This allows you to find vehicles located within a specific distance, making your search more efficient and convenient

Openlane auction


More personal guidance & support

We place a strong emphasis on personal guidance throughout the purchase process. Our improved My account pages allow you to complete your transactions quicker. Additionally, the extensive self-support FAQ, instruction movies, and in-platform messages provide you with the necessary resources to navigate the platform with ease.
We also understand the importance of providing you with excellent customer support. At we not only continue to offer multilingual email and phone support but also introduce a brand-new chat feature, available soon in all languages, to ensure that your requests are addressed promptly!

Openlane chat

We are thrilled to present OPENLANE as the new name and face of our company in Europe, embodying our commitment to making buying used cars easy for you.

Thank you for your continued trust and support as we embark on this exciting new journey together. Please let us know how we can help you with any inquiries you may have regarding our new brand. Feel free to reach out via email or our temporary hotline in English at +32 16388011. You can also initiate a live chat session on our website after you have accepted web cookies and have logged in.