Europe’s first modular sales platform for car dealers

Is your lot full of stock cars and trade-ins that need to be sold? As you well know, finding buyers sometimes feels like hunting for a needle in a haystack: difficult, time consuming and exhausting. Especially when it comes to damaged cars, electric cars, and hybrid vehicles.

So, what’s a dealer to do?

Scale your business with the OPENLANE Sell.

Mix and match the 5 digital modules of OPENLANE Sell to your business needs.

Experience the first modular sales platform in Europe! Choose the modules you need to optimise sales in a flexible way. While saving time, you keep full control of your entire sales process.

  • Trade-in – Get accurate price estimates for trade-ins quickly.  
  • Vehicle descriptions – High-quality, standardised vehicle descriptions that you can reuse again and again 
  • Self-service portal – Your personal control room; manage all your sales in one place. 
  • Auction – Sell to OPENLANE’s huge, international network of buyers, or to your own private communities.  
  • Completion Choose full autonomy or relax and let OPENLANE handle it for you. 



The ‘Trade-in’ module makes selling trade-in vehicles as smooth as possible. It lets you easily follow up on customer agreements and prepare for when vehicles arrive on your lot. And once that happens, it only takes the click of a button to start selling them in open auctions or to private communities.  

Exclusively available to dealers using OPENLANE Sell, the ‘Trade-in’ feature makes evaluating trade-in vehicles easier than ever. While in negotiation with your customers, you can get an immediate price estimate via the OPENLANE Inspect app or contact OPENLANE’s trade-in team and wait approximately 30 minutes for a more accurate, manual estimate.  

OPENLANE Sell your cars

Your benefit in a nutshell

With OPENLANE Sell’s ‘Trade-in’ module, you benefit from fast and accurate prices for your trade-in vehicles, lower your risk of devaluation, and further professionalise your way of working to offer your end customers a smooth and satisfying experience. 

Vehicle Description


In the world of online car sales, providing high-quality, accurate vehicle descriptions is essential. And this is especially important when it comes to used cars. Your buyers need to know exactly what they’re getting. This way, they avoid nasty surprises, and you save time with sales that flow smoothly from start to finish. You also avoid the hassle of having to re-auction vehicles because they didn’t meet the buyer’s expectations.   

OPENLANE Sell’s ‘Vehicle descriptions’ module offers you flexible ways to quickly create reliable and reusable vehicle descriptions: 

OPENLANE car inspection app
  • OPENLANE Inspect app – Our mobile app was developed in-house to make vehicle inspections a breeze. Easily accessible when you need it—online or offline—OPENLANE Inspect is available to both iOS and Google Play for Android users. It offers step-by-step guidance as you create standardised, reusable vehicle descriptions. Inspections carried out via OPENLANE Inspect can be uploaded directly to OPENLANE Sell.
  • Inspection by a qualified OPENLANE inspector – For the small cost of €30 + a fixed fee per location, you can arrange to have one of our trusted professionals inspect your vehicle on-site or at your closest OPENLANE hub. The vehicle description will be available in your OPENLANE Sell portal immediately after the inspection.
  • Provide your own description – Create your own description directly in OPENLANE Sell or upload a file. It’s also possible to interface with other software via an API connection.
  • Count on OPENLANE to create your description – You provide the data, we provide your standardised, reusable vehicle description.

Your benefit in a nutshell

OPENLANE Sell’s ‘Vehicle descriptions’ module saves you time and effort. It’s the fastest and easiest way to create accurate, standardised vehicle descriptions that you can reuse again and again.

Self-service portal


You know what it’s like … You have a stack of cars that need to be sold, and you’re at a different stage of the sales process for each one. And with all the daily business that are eating into your time and sanity, it can be really difficult to keep track of all the important details.

Which is why we created OPENLANE Sell’s ‘Self-service portal’.

Your self-service portal is your own digital control room. Follow up on vehicles and manage all your sales in one place, in just a few clicks. It’s never been easier to initiate and oversee auctions, and follow up afterwards:

  • Request auctions and set your pricing.
  • Accept or abandon bids—or negotiate with the bidder.
  • Set up private sales communities and manage your members.
  • Create private auctions and deal directly with your trusted buyers.
  • Manage users, roles and access.
  • Analyse sales metrics, auction performance and stock rotation.

Your benefit in a nutshell

With OPENLANE Sell’s ‘Self-service portal’, you have a clear overview of every sale from start to finish and can easily follow up on everything you need to, right there in the portal.



Choosing the best audience for your auction is essential when it comes to making sales as smooth and simple as possible. OPENLANE Sell gives you two ways to auction cars: open auctions and private auctions.

Open Auctions

In an open auction, you sell to OPENLANE’s huge, international network of more than 100,000 eager buyers. Putting your vehicles in front of this huge audience is an easy way to attract the best prices out there—be that in your own country, or across borders. OPENLANE makes international sales as easy as selling locally and fully manage your auction for you and present you with the highest bid. After that, you choose whether to assign the vehicle to the highest bidder, abandon the sale, or negotiate with the bidder to reach a new agreement—all from within your self-service portal.

Private Auctions

Private auctions offer you a smooth and efficient way to sell to private communities that you create. This enables you to directly target buyers you know are interested in the types of vehicles you’re selling. Rather than needing to individually approach buyers to inform them of auctions they’re likely to participate in, you reach your whole network with one click of a button.

Only available to OPENLANE Sell members, private auctions give you complete control. You decide who to invite into your communities—as many buyers as you like! The number of members is unlimited, and you set and manage their access settings yourself. You choose the auction type, and you define all the details of your auction: dates, duration, start price etc.

Your benefit in a nutshell

OPENLANE Sell’s ‘Auction’ module gives you more flexibility. By choosing the best audience, you optimise every sale.



With OPENLANE Sell’s ‘Completion’ module, you decide how you want to wrap things up once your vehicle has been sold: indirectly or directly.

Indirect completion means OPENLANE takes care of everything for you while you sit back and relax or get on with other things. We liaise directly with the buyer and take care of all the paperwork, invoicing, and delivery details. You receive your payment within two days, and we’ll also provide information about sales trends and insights into stock rotation to help you manage things in the most efficient ways possible.

Direct completion means you take full control of finalising your sales. You liaise directly with the buyer to finalise payment and arrange transport in the way that works best for both parties. And you easily keep track of everything via your self-service portal.

Your benefit in a nutshell

Complete your sales in the way you want to. Handle everything yourself from start to finish or enjoy peace of mind while OPENLANE manages the aftersales process for you.

The benefits of selling with OPENLANE Sell

  • Access to a modular platform which lets you choose the modules you need to optimise sales in a flexible way.
  • Some modules are free or almost free
  • Multiple sales options: sell in open auctions internationally or locally or in your own private communities. You no longer need to contact each potential buyer separately to try and sell your car.
  • You keep the full control of the entire sales process (when, how, how much)
  • New features and possibilities are continuously being added at no additional cost.