Company profile check coming soon

We would like to inform you that – to align with legal obligations and compliance standards – a company profile check will be conducted to ensure your company profile is complete.

It’s possible that we may be missing some important information such as a valid email address, or important documents such as an ID card or your company registration document. By providing the necessary information, you can ensure that your company profile information is complete. Don’t worry. You have until September 1st to complete your company information.

If you have not received an email or call from us before that time, you have no pending items and therefore we don’t require any action from you. Please be aware that failure to submit missing company information by the deadline may result in some restrictions on your seller privileges. 

How to complete your company information and upload missing documents

For more information on missing documents, search your inbox for an email with subject title: “Please complete your company information”. In this email we have specified what (company) documents are still pending for your account.

Options for uploading your documents

As instructed in the email, you have 3 different options to upload the documents:


Log-in to “My account” on to upload the document(s) directly. Read the email for more information on your login credentials.


Send your document(s) directly to your OPENLANE sales team. 


For OPENLANE Sell users only: upload your documents directly in your account settings section in your OPENLANE Sell dashboard. 

Please read the email for more detailed information.