4 simple steps to sell cars at an auction

Have you ever wondered why selling used cars has to be so complicated? We certainly have. But then we realised the very simple truth: it doesn’t. With the right setup and system, smooth vehicle sales are easy. And when you partner with us, selling pre-owned cars is as relaxing as can be. 

We get rid of all the headaches. There’s no dealing with complicated websites and no chasing after potential buyers that fail to come up with the cash. Our sales process is so quick and easy that satisfaction is guaranteed—you always sell for a price that leaves you smiling. 


A simple, step-by-step plan

If you’re a dealership owner, or in charge of managing vehicle sales for your company, you’ll be pleased to know our straightforward system brings you the best market prices out there. And the cherry on top? You barely need to do a thing. We do all the hard work for you 



With the intuitive OPENLANE Inspect app, you save time and create a car inspection report yourself. Upload the data directly to the OPENLANE Sell portal, finish off the car description, and request your auction. It only takes a few minutes to put your car in front of thousands of buyers on the OPENLANE platform.  



There are a few different ways to sell at OPENLANE, and your options depend on where you’re located.

– All continental European sellers

Sell your vehicles at international auctions and they’ll be put in front of a network of more than 120,000 buyers from all across Europe. And just 48 hours later, we’ll present you with the highest bid. You then decide to accept the bid and complete the sale, negotiate with the buyer, or reject the offer and auction the car again.

– Sellers from Hungary, Italy, Poland and Romania only

You can also sell vehicles exclusively to communities you create yourself. You decide when your auction goes live, how long it runs for and which buyers can participate. It’s the ideal way to sell when you know your buyers and know the sorts of cars they’re looking for.

– UK sellers

Sell your cars right at home in the United Kingdom. Set the reserve price for your auction (that’s the minimum price you will accept) and we’ll work with you to promote your vehicles in the best possible way. After the auction ends, we’ll present you with the highest bid in the OPENLANE Sell portal. You then decide to accept the bid and complete the sale, negotiate with the buyer, or reject the offer and auction the car again.


Sale and payment

Selling with OPENLANE is easy, fast and safe!

– Continental European sellers

After you decide to accept the highest bid, you send OPENLANE an invoice for the amount of that bid, and we pay you directly.

• Sellers from Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands will receive payment within two working days of sending the invoice.

• Sellers from European countries not mentioned above will receive instructions to deliver the car to their closest OPENLANE hub. Your invoice will be paid as soon as the car is with us.

• Sellers selling to their own communities receive the contact details of the buyer so they can arrange payment directly.

– UK sellers

• Once you have accepted the highest bid, you’ll receive payment from OPENLANE within two working days.



When you sell a car with OPENLANE, you don’t have to worry about complicated logistics. We’ll collect the car, or you’ll drop it off at one of our hubs, then you’re off the hook. We’ll arrange delivery and take care of the export details for international sales.

– Continental European sellers

• For sellers from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, we’ll pick the car up from you within three days of you receiving the payment.

• Sellers from all other continental European countries need to drop the car off at one of our hubs and we’ll handle the rest of the delivery from there.

• Sellers selling to their own communities arrange delivery directly with their buyer.

– UK Sellers

• If the vehicle is already at one of our HUB locations, we will liaise to the buyer to arrange delivery, or collection of the vehicle.

• We’ll collect the vehicle from your location within three working days, or you can drop it off at one of our hubs. From there, we’ll take care of the rest.

Ready for simple car sales?

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